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Latest ForthCo Investments

Phoenix Recycling Group

Invested June 2022
Phoenix Recycling Group is New Zealand’s largest privately owned metals recycling business. Phoenix operates a vertically integrated model across 19 nationwide sites, that collect, process and export ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Phoenix plays a key role in the decarbonisation of NZ’s economy, as metal is 100% recyclable and metal recycling creates multiple environmental benefits – diverting waste from landfill, and feeding into lower-emission processing methodologies. Phoenix is independently certified by Toitu Envirocare’s Net Carbon Zero programme, which verifyies Phoenix's sustainability services, data and reporting to assist NZ businesses with climate related disclosures.
Eldon Reeve, Executive Director, Founder and CEO
With strategic investment from ForthCo in 2022, Phoenix gained access to valuable resources and investment expertise accelerating expansion efforts. ForthCo has supported in shaping Phoenix's strategic direction, facilitating key investments including branch acquisitions and implementing a data analytics programme enabling actionable insights and improved reporting capabilities. This collaborative synergy between Phoenix and ForthCo has strengthened Phoenix's financial position and enhanced its competitive edge; together building an enduring business to serve NZ for a sustainable future.

New Zealand Mint

NZ Mint is New Zealand’s only precious metal mint and has been minting legal tender collectible coins, medallions, and gold and silver bullion for over 75 years. NZ Mint has around 50% of the over the counter (“OTC”) precious metal market in New Zealand, and a growing international wholesale bullion client base. NZ Mint also designs, contract manufactures and distributes collectibles to customers around the world via licensing agreements with some of the world’s biggest brands, including Star Wars™, Disney, Star Trek, DC Comics and HARRY POTTER™.
Simon Harding, CEO
“Our purpose is to create products that are cherished by customers and fans around the world. We chose ForthCo as our investment partner due to their ability to deliver a staged exit, tap wider resources and provide access to a talent pool that will support the on-going growth of the business."

Skyline Healthcare

Skyline Healthcare is the leading provider of air ambulance services in New Zealand and across the South Pacific. Subsidiary company New Zealand Air Ambulance Service operates over 2,500 patient transfers each year, flying sick people to the care they need. Skyline’s dedicated team of clinical and mission specialists also handle long range retrieval missions for acute patients around the world. Skyline’s aviation subsidiary also offers jet and private plane charter services to New Zealanders and visitors to New Zealand.
Annabel Toogood, Executive Director
“My vision is for the New Zealand Air Ambulance Service to be a core contributor to better healthcare for all New Zealanders, and I’m happy to be working with ForthCo to achieve it.”

Natural Habitats

Natural Habitats is New Zealand’s leading landscaping company, providing landscaping and maintenance services to residential and commercial customers, and infrastructure owners and operators. Natural Habitats has a team of more than 150 landscapers who specialise in the construction and maintenance of green spaces in both the exterior and interior built environment. With depots around New Zealand, Natural Habitats is known for its expertise in "green technology”, green wall installations and green rooves.
Graham Cleary, Founder
“Natural Habitats is about building a more sustainable New Zealand by creating wonderful green spaces where we live, work, and play. ForthCo recognised that, and it’s great to be working with them to develop the business”


Sustained success for a stronger, more productive New Zealand.

Our simple, transparent, investment model gives Kiwi investors exclusive access to an untapped, here to fore hidden, opportunity to back New Zealand’s great private businesses. In return, our portfolio of companies provides an unrivalled combination of quarterly cash yield and 

long-term capital appreciation. At ForthCo, we’re motivated to change the accepted perspective on how we grow our wealth. To show that a new route to connect Kiwi capital to proven Kiwi companies will spur a virtuous circle of sustained success for a stronger New Zealand.

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Distributable Profits

The investor units are entitled to a preferred return from any distributable profits of the investment company (subject to the performance), on a quarterly basis.

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Our investors’ ownership interests are tradeable on the catalist platform, an NZX-supported online platform for private capital markets.

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Four simple reasons
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1. Not too big, not too small. Just right

At ForthCo, we believe that New Zealand has huge potential to be more productive, and that starts with the private sector. New Zealand’s small to medium enterprises (SMEs) make up almost half of our economy (by GDP), and this “hidden half” is not accessible to most investors.

2. Find your Diversified Portfolio

Our approach is to invest in control stakes alongside founders and owners. Our investors buy units in specific businesses, and have the opportunity to build a diversified portfolio of direct investments over time. Private market returns are not correlated to public market returns.

3. Earn regular returns

ForthCo investment units are entitled to receive regular distributions and are listed on the Catalist platform. Both features (dividends and tradeability) are not typically found in private direct investment structures in New Zealand.

4. New Zealand capital for New Zealand opportunities

Our investors are wholesale investors, KiwiSaver funds, community groups, family offices. All have an economic and a social interest in investing here, where we stand.

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How ForthCo adds value

ForthCo is an active investor and driven by a partnership philosophy whereby we work closely with both shareholders and the management team to realise a business’s potential.The key ways in which we provide support to business owners and managers include:

Direction Setting

We think boards are strategic partners for great businesses. We help with the development of growth strategies to quantify and focus on key opportunities. This might include supporting the development of sustainability frameworks, new product and service offerings, assessments of new market entry, negotiating strategic partnerships, and supporting management to identify and execute acquisition opportunities.

Succession planning & people leadership

If required, we work with portfolio companies to manage the change in leadership that will sometimes follow a change in ownership. We help to build high performing teams, that work in collaboration with our ForthCo team, and build incentive systems that ensure alignment of objectives.

Network of Specialists and Experts

Our governance philosophy is based on having the right capabilities and connections (networks) required to meet your current and future opportunities and challenges. We have an extensive global network of experts and operators across industries who work with our portfolio companies as required.

Financial Systems & Governance

Quality governance helps management make good business decisions. We help to implement robust governance and create reporting systems that provide company leadership with important and actionable information.

Capital Management

Leverage our extensive experience and networks in capital markets to ensure the business has the growth capital required to achieve its aspirations.


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